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SCGSR is committed to saving the most needy dogs.

We rescue dogs who are injured or sick, those who only need someone to care, those who need to learn what it is to be loved, those who never had the training they needed or a soft place to rest. We mend bodies and souls so dogs can come to their forever homes whole and make successful transitions to a life of being well loved. We are a 501(c)3 charity in good standing, and your donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.  The number of faces you see here are limited solely by our funding.  To help save more animals, donate now.

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Here then, are some, but not all — by far, of our special stories.
Panzer - a puppy who barely made it - but he did!

Panzer – a puppy who barely made it – but he did!

Panzer came to SCGSR as a very sick little puppy who wasn't able to digest his food properly. His growth was stunted and he had barely enough energy to let you know he loved you. We tried and tried, vet visit after vet visit, and test after test couldn't explain his problems. Finally he had to have an ultrasound. His
Axel (Nigel) had heart surgery for PDA as a 2 month old baby.

Axel (Nigel) had heart surgery for PDA as a 2 month old baby.

Axel came to SCGSR as a one day old puppy with his mom and litter.  The family was rescued from a high kill Los Angeles shelter.   Mommy Akela (now named Margot) tried so hard to care for her six puppies but was too sick and in such poor condition she couldn't make enough milk.  They were supplemented with hand
Wrigley (formerly "Nick") - Demodex Mange

Wrigley (formerly “Nick”) – Demodex Mange

The shelter reached out for help with Wrigley.  It was days before Christmas and this 8 month old puppy found himself in a shelter in bad condition from puppy (demodectic) mange.  We went to meet him and found the most beautiful guy ever, he just needed some TLC and volunteer Lisa V was just the ticket to bring him back
Solomon -- Saving Seniors

Solomon — Saving Seniors

Solly is an adorable senior boy who found himself in the shelter with little hope of being adopted.  Who could resist this face?  We couldn't!  An SCGSR volunteer stepped up to foster this wonderful boy.  Solly soon found a perfect home and has become happier, healthier and seemingly younger!
Chrystal -- From Hell to Home.

Chrystal — From Hell to Home.

Chrystal came to SCGSR severely malnourished, missing most of her fur and severely neglected. Her skin oozed from deep seated infection. About a year old, this mellow, darling girl just wanted to live. She wanted to play, she wanted to be loved. She was so grateful for the care she received that she didn't make one wave in her foster
Samantha -- Lost & Terrified in Tijuana

Samantha — Lost & Terrified in Tijuana

Meeting Samantha broke our hearts. She was terrified and had a large, inches-wide scar from her side all the way across her back. Whatever trauma she suffered must have been horrific. SCGSR volunteer Jenny took Samantha home and she and her dog Eli gradually let Samantha open up. Samantha followed Eli's lead and became more confident. She improved more and
Cost Of Veterinary Care
Typical spay, vaccinations, worming and microchip. Negligible cost of demodex treatment and antibiotics.
Hannah - a puppy bathed in motor oil.

Hannah – a puppy bathed in motor oil.

Hannah ended up in a shelter after her owner's barbaric attempt to cure puppy mange with a drenching of motor oil. Rescued by SCGSR, Hannah was lovingly nursed by to health by SCGSR volunteer Lisa V. You can see the difference good nutrition and a happy, healthy environment can make for these babies while they wait for their forever homes.
Cost Of Veterinary Care
$4,500 - Hip surgery plus ongoing swim therapy.
Romeo, a beautiful senior with a hip out of joint - for years.

Romeo, a beautiful senior with a hip out of joint – for years.

Romeo came to SCGSR from a shelter near Palm Springs. A gorgeous senior boy with obvious problems going on in his hips, we quickly got Romeo to our vet. He was emaciated with very little muscle, and he was friendly and very regal. On x-ray, we found that Romeo had one hip that had been dislocated - for years. A
Cost Of Veterinary Care
$3,800 for treatment, including skin cultures to identify MRSA infections and the best treatment. Spay, vaccinations, worming and loving long-term foster care.
Maggie -- Living in a Trash Can -- Dying in a Back Yard.

Maggie — Living in a Trash Can — Dying in a Back Yard.

One of our most heartening rescue stories, Maggie was living in a trash can in a back yard in 2013, her whole body was severely infected with three different MRSA infections, and she was very near death when a concerned neighbor called Animal Control. In subsequent events we have no explanation for, Maggie's owner relinquished her to Animal Control to


$5,000 - complex foot surgery including bone graft and pinning; neuter. Yogi found himself at San Diego Animal Control - unable to walk on his hind foot. His owner was found but was not willing to pay Yogi's vet costs. SCGSR rescued Yogi in March 2015 and provided him with surgery by Dr. Tarvin at VCA Animal Specialty Group in