Happy Tails!


Macie (formerly May)

Macie and her sister Maggie were smuggled across the border from Mexico to San Diego to be sold for profit. They were only 6 weeks old and were confiscated by Animal Control. Puppies should never be separated from their mother before 8 weeks – and 12 is even better – this is a time they develop crucial socialization.

They arrived at SCGSR needing treatment for all the things clean puppies don’t get, coccidia, giardia, fleas, worms. These little girls were fighters and soon growing like gangbusters. Macie was recently adopted to a three-time SCGSR adopting family and is living the great life in Southern Oregon, were we know she’ll thrive!



Ruby, now Cali, came to SCGSR as an injured puppy. Now healthy and happy, she’s found the most perfect forever home in mid-2017!



Adopted 10.28.17, gorgeous, AKC Kodiak has found himself the perfect forever home. We are so happy for you, Kodi!

Marina - Scarlett and Levi

Marina, now Scarlett!

Marina - Scarlett and LeviScarlett and Levi have only recently met, but they’re already family!  Adopted on 3.26.17, Scarlett (formerly named Marina) is already adored by her new family.  You can find Scarlett and Levi on instagram at @scarlettandlevi!



Sadie is a very goofy girl and has a great personality. Here is a video of her playing in a kiddie pool. She loves the water! Also the image below is of her doing some commands for a new toy.




Rabbit’s in love with her big brother Walter! She also loves her dog toys, attached if you look close she has 2 balls in her mouth!


rabbit02 rabbit01



Just a quick note to let you know Gracie is doing well.  She is a joy for all of our family and is (I think) almost fully adjusted to us.
She is much more relaxed and displays less and less anxiety.  Until recently, she was still wary of the back yard.  But seems to be getting over it this week.  Last night we remarked about how much more calm she is around us.  The first few weeks if anyone was walking around the house, Gracie would be up and following them around.   Now, she is content to relax in the evenings even when people are moving around.  I think this was an adjustment of living in a house with 4 people.
We gave her her first wash over the weekend and she was an extremely good sport about it.  She enjoys her walks (1-2 per day) and loves playing chase in the yard.  When she first arrived the game seemed to be as much about working out her anxiety as fun.  Her approach to it now is decidedly lighthearted.
A photo of her favorite pose (which I am sure you will recognize is attached).  We have also learned that she loves to be out in the yard for a while after dark.  She LOVES to chase and eat flying bugs.  Our front porch light and light door seem to attract moths and other flying bugs which Gracie seems to think are dessert.  If you use drop box, I will put in a video of her catching and eating a dragon fly.  1—we were amazed she caught it and 2—stunned that she ate it.


Cassie is doing great! We all are happy she is a member of our family.

Titan enjoys her company and they have become a very sweet couple.

Most days she gets a couple of walks and has even lost a few pounds.
She is great with company and everyone loves our dogs, especially us.
Titan picked a winner!!cassie01



Happy new year! Hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to pass along a couple of really precious photos! Rocky is really developing into a great dog, he turned two on January 1st! The black lab in the photos is his very best friend in the world Dash, whom we spent about 18 hours of the day with.

image1 image3



Adopted in 2013, beautiful Lukas loves his family.

Lukas just after rescue.

Lukas just after rescue.

Maisy  1 112215


Maisy was abandoned on the side of a freeway on-ramp.  She and her sister were tiny puppies, most likely Boxer mixes.  Obviously dumped, covered with fleas and starving, Maisy was taken under SCGSR’s wing.  She soon landed herself an incredible home where she couldn’t be more loved!  Here she is, all grown up!



kona01Things are going great with Kona, we love her to pieces!  She seems to love us too!  She  runs from room to room checking on all of us and there is always someone to play ball with.  When we go on our walks, Kona constanly looks back making sure we are all there, it is so cute!  The other morning the two small dogs were laying with me on the sofa so Kona felt left out and climbed right up, i didnt have the heart to tell her shes not a lap dog!  She is no longer petrified of the cats, but LOVES the kitten. She and Charlie are getting along really well(Charlie is still Alfa, but Kona is very Submisssive).



Going to the beach with mommy and daddy!


Cooper – formally known as Hutch

hutch02 hutch01 hutch04


Hi – remember me – I’m Hutch. But my foster mom adopted me and now she calls me “Cooper”. She tested a bunch of names out on me and I liked Cooper the best cause I come running when she calls me. We went on a road trip to Sandpoint, Idaho. I got to spend a couple nights in a motel and everyone that saw me remarked on how handsome I am. When we got here I went shopping with my mom and I helped her pick out a spa so I had my picture taken in front of it. There’s another picture of me in my San Diego yard. Mom’s trying to get me to chase that funny yellow ball. I’ve never played with toys before, but I’m figuring it out. In another picture I’m just looking up at mom telling her how much I love her.




kali03 kali04 kali05



Kali is doing amazing!  We love her SO much. She’s nearly perfect!

She just has the BEST personality- is so sweet, trusting, obedient, and pleasing.  Since I work from home, I’m with her most of the day. She cries a little when we leave, but aside from that, hasn’t chewed a thing, rarely barks, pees on command…and is a lover!



Congratulations to you, beautiful Greta, enjoy your forever home. SCGSR was very happy to holp you – from shelter to home!


Argo’s got a home!

Argo went home today with a lovely new family! Congrats boy!


Peri in Agility Training!

Check out the formerly shy Peri in agility training with her mom! You are an amazing girl!


Kona Adopted!

Kona, thank you for giving all of us here at SCGSR the opportunity to help you find the perfect home. You were a joy to all of us, and now you are a joy to your new family. The look on your face says it all. Love you and have a wonderful life with all the tennis balls in the world!


Mya and her FAMILY!

Our sweet Mya finds her forever home. We love you girl, and we know you’re going to have a wonderful, happy life!


Holly (formerly “Cleo”)

Hi everyone, its me, Holly (formerly Cleo) in my FOREVER HOME!!! Check me out, I scored! Thanks to everyone who helped me on my journey to my new life!

And new best friends.

Piper Adopted!

Our precious little girl became her new family’s precious girl in a matter of minutes! From her new mom: We already love her to pieces, and she totally hit it off with our daughters dog. Thank you so much for Piper she is a real blessing to us!


Bruce enjoys the California Sunshine

Bruce went from shelter to SCGSR to his loving home in record time! We love to get pictures of him enjoying life!


Peri, Adopted 03.14.15!

Its with much love that we sent our sweet Momma dog Peri off to her beautiful new digs, with a loving family and a nice doggie companion. Saving you was a privilege, cutie pie!

Lucy 2

Lucy – Adopted summer 2011.

Just an update on Lucy that we adopted in summer 2011.

Can’t believe how fast the time flies. Lucy is such a great member of our family. Recently our cat Cosmo passed away. Cosmo took almost a year to learn to “tolerate” Lucy in the house. And in the end Lucy and Cosmo got along pretty well.

Since Cosmo’s passing we adopted 3 kittens and they have become very close friends with Lucy. The cats and Lucy nap together and spend time together. She lets the cats share her water bowl.

Lucy 1

Lucy 2

Lucy 3



Gunner and his dad visited us at our adoption event. This puppy turned out so beautiful and nice as can be. His original owners were not familiar with German Shepherds and their energy, and the husband was short tempered with Gunner and the wife was worried he would be hurt. Socalrescue stepped in and then the magic – Shelby found Gunner and gave him a happy home. Gunner now runs miles a day with his dad – and he’s a good boy!



Beautiful Lily is Mya’s puppy, living happily ever after!


Titan Vanselow

Titan was turned in to SCGSR with a terrible skin condition and wounds from living as a young puppy with two grown wolves in an enclosure. Nursed back to health by SCGSR volunteers Lisa and Chris, Titan quickly became a loved member of their household. And look how handsome he is today!


Jasmine (formerly Thistle)

A tennis ball between my paws, a pool to swim in, a mom and dad who love me.  Its all I ever wanted.  Thanks SCGSR supporters for standing by me while I found my forever home!

photo (48)

Claire (formerly Sweetie)

Our lovely little Claire found herself alone in the shelter, and needing bilateral hip surgery.  SCGSR to the rescue!  And look at her now, so well-loved.



Phoebe with her lovely family!


Isis finds her forever family!

Isis found her loving home!

photo 1 (6)

Destiny (formerly Dickens)

We are all so happy for Des and his new family! Congratulations!!


Luna & Astro

Two very happy, lucky dogs to find a home with Suzann and Bill!


Zoey goes to her forever home – with Dexter!

When Dexter’s family came back to us for a second dog – Zoey won everyone’s hearts.


Scout & Elsa

Scout and Elsa got a home together! We hear they’re now fast friends!


Maxine the Bean!

Maxine, Peri’s puppy, snagged a fun and loving forever home!


Jasmine (with Betty)

Jasmine worked her way into the hearts of her foster mom and dad, and also into the decision maker’s heart: Betty!


Neptune & Jane

The perfect match!


Rocky (formerly Tucker)

Rocky and his lovely family!



Cody with mom Diana. He gets to travel with his parents and may just be the most photographed dog in the West – he’s handsome and charming enough to deserve the title!


Daphne & Baron

Daphne and Baron enjoy a hike in Northern Arizona.



Our sexy Dexy found himself a wonderful home, and the sofa even matches his coat!