First things first – if you’ve found a dog, please help it get home. Imagine the heartbreak of a child whose lost his dog, and a dog whose lost his child. Dogs may be in very rough shape after just a few days as a stray: If you’ve found a lost dog, please read this before contacting rescues.

Read the following instructions!  If you ignore the below instructions and proceed directly to the relinquishment page, you will NOT receive a response.

Prior to completing our relinquishment form, please use the contact us form to send information on your dog and send at least two good photos.  Once we receive your email and if we can proceed we will forward you a password for the relinquishment application.  Be sure to answer each of the questions below and to send clear, current photos.

Please tell us the following information.   We must meet and evaluate all dogs prior to acceptance.  We are located in San Diego County and while we can sometimes arrange transportation, you may be required to bring the dog to us because of volunteer constraints.

  • Age
  • Purebred or mix?
  • Good with kids, other dogs and cats?
  • Has the dog ever bitten anyone?
  • Any health issues?
  • Spayed/neutered?
  • Current on vaccinations?
  • Reason for relinquishment?
  • Where did you acquire the dog?

PLEASE NOTE that if SCGSR accepts a dog, the legal owner will be required to sign a release form stating that the information provided is true and correct.

Once you have submitted the above information and been given preliminary approval, please submit the Relinquishment Application.