SCGSR is a 501(c)3 Charity, EIN: 20-5500458 – Donate with Confidence.

Founded in August 2006, SCGSR consists of a dedicated team of volunteers. SCGSR rescues, rehabilitates, provides spay/neuter and veterinary care, and re-homes pets in Southern California. SCGSR has rescued and placed over 900 animals. Our rescues include German Shepherds, Great Danes, Poodles, many mixed breeds, cats and kittens, a chicken, and even a boa constrictor.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in San Diego County, we are funded through tax-deductible donations from adopters and individuals like you who care about the fate of these magnificent companions. Unlike larger organizations and humane societies, SCGSR has no paid or compensated volunteers or employees, allowing your donation dollars to go further in providing care for needy animals. We do not maintain an expensive facility, but instead are foster-based.

SCGSR specializes in helping ill and unadoptable abandoned pets regain their health and placing them in caring, loving forever homes. Together, we can envision a day when companion animals will no longer face inhumane treatment, abandonment or perish in shelters.  Visit just some of our more remarkable rescues here.

The number of animals we can help is limited solely by our funding.  To help save more animals, donate now.

Southern California German Shepherd Rescue
6161 El Cajon Blvd, #460
San Diego, CA 92115
1.619.228-3570 (We do not have an office or any employees. Please note that if you call us regarding issues addressed on the website we do not have the manpower to respond. Please review the information provivded and contact us accordingly.)
Toll Free and facsimile: 1.877.615.8677
(Mailing address only – no dogs at this location!)