Volunteer Opportunities




Please review the following volunteer opportunities. If you have the skills, time and desire to help in any of these areas we want you to join our team of phenomenal volunteers!  To be considered for a volunteer opportunity please complete the application available at the bottom of this page.

Volunteering with Dogs

About working with dogs:

German Shepherds are a large, strong and active breed. Most of the dogs we rescue are between one-year and 18 months old. They often come to us having outgrown their cute puppy stage and have never had any training,
and they can be lacking in manners and social skills. It is important that volunteers realize that both people and dogs can be injured, and that not all dogs are comfortable with children, small dogs and strangers. If you are
handling dogs as a volunteer, you will be required to sign a liability waiver. You will also be asked to attend a skills assessment, normally done at adoption events or weekend dog walking.  Please read the materials, which we provide you carefully, as they may affect your ability to volunteer and your rights.  Erring on the side of caution can save the life of a dog by preventing accidents such as a dog slipping off a flat collar and running into traffic, or a dog injuring a smaller animal or person.

You will sign agreements stating that you will comply with our dog handling rules.

We also have a trainer who can help you learn the ropes. Ask us!


One of the best ways to help a dog is to foster. Boarded dogs are bored dogs, and SCGSR monthly boarding costs $400 per dog which adds up very quickly. Boarding and veterinary expenses are year-after-year our highest cost of operation.

Commitment:  Under our foster contract, you will give a dog a place to stay while awaiting its forever home. Each dog is different, some need basic training, some need love, some need to be brought back to health to become adoptable. SCGSR pays for all medical needs deemed necessary by the rescue (through SCGSR approved veterinarians only). Most of our foster families pay for food, flea meds, bedding, toys, etc., but we can help if needed. We often have donated items to help our foster families, such as crates available for use during fostering. A foster family will go through the same application, interview and home check process as an adopter. In addition, you will make the dog available for adoption events and meetings with pre-screened adopters. As an applicant to foster, SCGSR expects that you will be able to commit 3-6 months to a dog.

Note: Because our volunteers spend much of their time reviewing applications, setting up meetings, and doing home checks, we expect that you are fostering to help a dog while it awaits its forever home. At times we have had fosters who were actually “trying out” a dog and when an adopter is found, the foster then informs us they want to adopt, leaving us with either a disappointed applicant or a disappointed foster.  Communication is key and foster-to-adoption are considered on a case by case basis only.  SCGSR, at its own discretion, may require a six month volunteer commitment prior to adoption.


Shelter transport, vet transport, and transport to adoption events. You can help ensure our dogs get where they need to be by offering transportation services.

Commitment: If you would like to help with transport, please give us the general area where you can assist. Most needed are volunteers who will do shelter transport from Riverside and San Bernardino
Counties, and at times Los Angeles. Although our priority is to help German Shepherds in need in San Diego, the bulk of breeders are located in the Inland Empire, and the rescue need is much greater up north. As a transportation volunteer you make a commitment on a case-by-case basis, but we ask that transportation volunteers remain actively engaged in rescue happenings and familiar with our dogs and volunteers.

Dog walking & Enrichment 

SCGSR walks our boarded dogs in a group headed by experienced volunteers every weekend.  Because our favorite breed is usually big, strong, young and untrained, walkers must have experience
with large dogs and be able to handle over-stimulated and untrained dogs in all situations.  Walkers must keep their dogs separated by a minimum of 6 feet.  Most of the dogs we walk are newly rescued and we are still assessing their dog friendliness.  Ideally you should be able to do some training.  Because we are a small organization operating on a shoe string, we require that you have your own equipment, a prong or chain collar, and a strong leash.  Always bring bags and clean up after your dog, and bring water for your dog.  After walking you will be able to interact with your dog and do some training and grooming.  No treats are allowed at dog
walking to avoid competition over resources.

We ask that our dog walkers commit to two walks per month (typically Saturday mornings). As mentioned above, as a volunteer we ask that you bring doggie clean-up bags, a sturdy leash and control collars.

Home Checks

We adopt all over San Diego County, and the more volunteers we have to do home checks the faster and more efficient we can be. We provide you with a checklist and you provide us with feedback so we can make
the best decisions for our adoptable dogs.

As a home check volunteer you will need reliable transportation to get to/from the potential adopters homes. While you will be committing on a case-by-case basis, we ask that home check volunteers commit to a minimum of two home checks per month.

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Administrative & Support Volunteer Roles

Please note: the following volunteer roles are intended to be long-term
commitments, six months and beyond. Some may be currently filled, but we still
want to hear from you if you have an interest in these roles! Our goal is to
have a fully staffed administrative volunteer team, with volunteers
cross-trained to support each other and rotate duties after designated periods
of time, in an effort to avoid burn-out and allow for everyone to participate
in desired ways.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for a variety of operational and administrative tasks, including but not limited to management of the Rescue’s organizational structure; coordination and development of training materials and procedural documents; assisting in dispute resolution; acting in the place of the CEO during an absence; and a variety of other duties and responsibilities as needed.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Records Manager

The Records Manager is responsible for the organization and management of all Rescue records, to
include but not limited to: adoption contracts, owner-turn-in (OTI) releases, volunteer releases, foster home releases, etc.

Commitment: 6 month minimum


Traditional: Manages accounting practices to comply with IRS 501c(3) guidelines, tracks contributions by type and assigns to appropriate accounts (adoption donations, donations, in-kind, fundraiser), prepares reports and year-end functions, backs up bookkeeper and sends thank you cards to donors over $100.

Nonprofit: The Bookkeeper shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Rescue’s accounting. This may include but is not limited to recording daily debits and credits and reconciling accounts. The Bookkeeper shall work autonomously and have a high degree of integrity, self-discipline and strong organizational skills.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Tax Manager

The Tax Manager shall be responsible for ensuring the annual tax filing for the Rescue is accurately
completed in a timely manner. Additional duties throughout the tax year may be assigned as needed.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Intake Coordinator

Determines rescue’s ability to take in new dogs. Advises and directs Shelter and OTIS Coordinators on
accepting new dogs.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Shelter Coordinator

Initiates, develops and maintains relationships with shelters thorough So Cal. Main point of contact,
though may delegate or seek direction from others relative to shelter’s requests and inquiries.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Owner-Turn-In Coordinator

Receives and response to inquiries from private parties seeking to relinquish dog. Seeks approval from
Intake Coordinator prior to accepting dog. Conducts or arranges for evaluation of dog prior to accepting dog into rescue. Responsible for obtaining all proper releases upon acceptance of dog, uploading of such releases to rescue document management system and submitting original forms to the rescue Records Manager
for proper filing. For dogs we can’t take, the OTI Coordinator counsels the owner (trainers, using crates, etc.) in an effort to assist the owner in retaining the dog; if that is unsuccessful the OTI Coordinator posts pets on Petfinder as a courtesy (donation should be sought where possible); only dogs without a bite history and who are altered may be posted on the rescue’s Petfinder page.

Commitment: 6 month minimum

Application Screeners

Screener 1: The Role of the application screener is to receive, review and evaluate applications submitted
to rescue (both electronic and hard copy). The Application Screener shall follow the Rescue’s established criteria in determining if an application is to be rejected or advanced to the Application Screener 2 for additional consideration.

Screener 2: The role of the Application Screener 2 is to conduct research on the applicant to include but
not limited to, Google search home address, validate information provided on the application is true and accurate and evaluate applications fit with the dog(s) sought. The Application Screener 2 will forward passing applications to the Dovecote assigned the dog(s) listed in the application for a phone screen.

Commitment: 6 month minimum

Post-Adoption Counseling & Training

As needed, provide counseling and training to adopters. May be done verbally, via email or in person.
Experience with handling, training is a must in this role.

Commitment: 6 month minimum

Adoption Event Coordinator

The Adoption Event Coordinator is responsible for scheduling events with hosting facilities and
ensuring all proper releases are in place with the host location and assuring event is in compliance with location regulations; scheduling the event with the rescue’s volunteers and publicizing such via email and by notifying the Social Media Coordinator. The Adoption Event Coordinator is also responsible for
coordinating volunteers for each event to assist with set-up/tear-down of the pop-up, table, water and water bowls, promotional materials, crates, etc. to be used at the event. The Adoption Event Coordinator may delegate responsibilities but ultimately remains responsible for the overall coordination and success of

Commitment: 6 month minimum

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all volunteer related functions this includes but is not limited to: recruitment of new volunteers, training, and
collecting volunteer contracts and releases. The Volunteer Coordinator will work hand-in-hand with the CEO, Adoption Event Coordinator and Social Media Specialist to accomplish a variety of objectives and ensure volunteers are being effective and following Rescue protocol.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Foster Coordinator

Responsible for managing active list of foster homes and for properly evaluating and approving new
foster homes. Responsible for coordinating dog assignments to ensure best match for each situation (foster home environment and dog’s needs). Should work to anticipate upcoming vacancies in foster homes and attempt to seek commitment from foster home to accept new dogs. Ensures that foster homes are provided the support and supplies necessary to successfully foster each dog, this may
include ensuring the foster home has food, crate, toys, leashes, control collars, puppy pads, etc. Also works to ensure that foster homes are given the necessary respite between assignments so to ensure long term commitment and avoid burn out. The Foster Coordinator will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Web Master

The Web Master shall be responsible for the overall development, upkeep and management of the Rescue’s website. The Web Master may delegate functions to the Site Maintenance

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Site Maintenance Coordinator

The Site Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for the day-today upkeep of the website. This may
include but is not limited to troubleshooting problems, updating dog biographies, updating events and campaigns.

Commitment: 6 month minimum


The Biographer is responsible for writing eye catching and accurate biographies for the Rescue’s dogs. The biography may be updated as new information is learned about the dog. The biographer’s goal with each bio written is to prepare a summary that helps match the dogs with the best possible family.

Commitment: 6 month minimum


The role of the Photographer is to take pictures rescue dogs, events and other Rescue activities. For
profile pictures the goal of the Photographer shall be to best capture the dog’s personality. The Photographer shall possess his/her own high-resolution camera and shall be skilled in editing
photographs for web and print materials.

Commitment: 6 month minimum

Fundraising & Public relation


We need creative fundraisers! If you have an idea and can implement it and raise funds for SCGSR, you will be saving lives. Everything is needed, from selling small items at events to holding large fundraiser, doing
arts and crafts, organizing bake sales, doing online fundraisers.

Fundraising Manager

Working under the general direction of the CEO, the Fundraising Manager shall work to develop the annual
fundraising plan and goals. This may include spearheading various small to large annual events, grant applications, and other fundraising opportunities. The Fundraising Manager may enlist the help of other volunteers on a project-by-project basis, though ultimately remains responsible for the
oversight, management and success of the fundraising efforts.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Fundraising Assistant

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Fundraising Manager, works to support efforts of each
project assigned to.

Commitment: 6 months minimum

PR Specialist

The Public Relations Specialist’s role is to promote the Rescue’s image and to draw positive
attention to the rescue in an effort to increase supporters/donors, draw in volunteers and adopters. Is given latitude in work product, generally should produce at minimum four press releases per year, a quarterly (or monthly) newsletter develop/leverage existing relationships with local media outlets, and work in concert with the Fundraising Manager to promote events to the

Commitment: 1 year minimum

School Program Coordinators

A special assignment involving working with local schools in an effort to provide community
education on rescue.

Commitment: 1 year minimum

Social Media Coordinator

Working autonomously, the Social Media Specialist will bring positive attention to the Rescue by way of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The Social Media Specialist shall work with various members of the organization to obtain updates about new dogs coming into rescue, dogs being adopted, events, fundraising activities, etc.

The Social Media Specialist may also post fun light hearted posts that bring positive attention to the rescue and also posts that help tug at heart strings and attract donor’s and volunteers. The Social Media Specialist shall make post on a regular basis (ideally at least once per day).

Commitment: 6 months minimum

Other ways to help

Do you have other skills to offer? Let us know about them! We’re always open to new volunteers, ideas and
support in savings lives!

Ready to volunteer?!

Please and submit our Volunteer Application here!

 Thank you and we very much look forward to working with you to save lives!

Christine McCoy

Volunteer Coordinator

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