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Learning Pawsibilites – Traning in Phoenix, Arizona!

Looking for positive reinforcement dog training in Phoenix? Look no further! Doggie day care and boarding too! Contact Mirna at
American Canine Training -- Chris Moredock

American Canine Training — Chris Moredock

You won't find a better trainer than our long-time friend Chris Moredock.  He knows his way around a German Shepherd
Kids & Dogs

Kids & Dogs

Many people ask us if a dog is child friendly. While most dogs are good with children, they do consider

Training Videos We Like — check out and subcribe to Upstate Canine Acadamy on In San Diego, call our trainer Chris Moredock of American Canine Trainging (listed above).

Although we do use prong collars because of the size and strength of German Shepherds and because of the tendencies of regular collars to slip off, we think this is an interesting video showing how lack of leadership combined with low confidence dog causes problems, and how to fix them.

Having a well mannered dog means being able to accept constructive criticism and understanding your role in your dog’s behavior – good and bad.

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