Romeo, a beautiful senior with a hip out of joint – for years.

Romeo came to SCGSR from a shelter near Palm Springs. A gorgeous senior boy with obvious problems going on in his hips, we quickly got Romeo to our vet. He was emaciated with very little muscle, and he was friendly and very regal. On x-ray, we found that Romeo had one hip that had been dislocated – for years. A dislocated hip must be put back into place immediately and the dog kept quiet for weeks – and there are not a lot of vets who can get a hip back into its socket. Once the hip has been dislocated for a short amount of time, FHO (femoral head ostectomy – the same surgery used for dysplasia) is the only option.

SCGSR found a loving hospice foster for Romeo and went forward with the surgery. Post-surgery, Romeo has been in swim therapy with Trish Pennick at Cutting Edge K9 Rehab.

We’re happy to say that a year later, Romeo is still swimming, is a very happy boy who is spoiled and as healthy as he can be. Although he is not an athelete these days, he is comfortable, pain free, and nuts about balls, swimming, and his family.