Maggie — Living in a Trash Can — Dying in a Back Yard.

One of our most heartening rescue stories, Maggie was living in a trash can in a back yard in 2013, her whole body was severely infected with three different MRSA infections, and she was very near death when a concerned neighbor called Animal Control. In subsequent events we have no explanation for, Maggie’s owner relinquished her to Animal Control to be euthanized. Maggie became the property of Animal Control, who then reached out to us for help. We didn’t waste a second and left work to bring Maggie immediately to our vet. Maggie required support just to live through the day, and we began extensive testing and treatment with antibiotics. While it took some time and a lot of effort on the part of volunteers, Maggie gave us a beautiful reward. She is the sweetest and most grateful girl. And it was hard for her foster to let go, but Maggie found a home who loves her very much and she’s happy and well cared for!