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  • Axel was a very young puppy dumped at the shelter because his purchasers believe he had hip displaysia, even though he was far to young to diagnose it.  He did not, and now he lives with his loving family whose lives revolve around their kids and their dogs.  Its the difference you make when you donate to SCGSR.
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About Us

SCGSR is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, providing spay/neuter and veterinary care, and re-homing German shepherds and other pets in Southern California. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2006, we are funded through tax-deductible donations from adopters and individuals like you who care about the fate of these magnificent companion animals. SCGSR specializes in helping ill and injured or abandoned pets regain their health and placing them into caring, loving forever homes. Together, we can envision a day when companion animals will no longer face inhumane treatment, abandonment or perish in shelters. We are a volunteer-based group who works with foster homes - we do not have a location. Please review our about adoptions page for more information.

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Foster Homes Wanted!

Foster homes needed now! Fostering a homeless, helpless dog and placing it in a loving forever home is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.
Summit needs a foster home!
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Volunteers Wanted!

Do you have some free time and do you love big dogs? SCGSR has volunteers all over San Diego, and in Canada and Australia! If you have skills you can use to help, from artwork to web design, you can help.
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Hans - Featured Pet!

Handsome Hans is a big, beautiful boy, maybe 3 years but probably younger. He's active, loving and yearning for a home to call his own. Hans is good with other dogs and kids too!
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Griffin is safe!

Griffin (known as Deacon at the shelter) is safe, rescued from San Bernardino!   Those of you familiar with this shelter know just what a lucky boy he is to be rescued. Thanks to everyone who used some creativity and helped bring him into our safety net! Griffin is a super…


A Miracle for Clover.

Clover is a 3 month old baby girl, found on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. She was curled up in the middle of a vacant field. It was obvious that she was ready to give up, she was fighteningly thin, her fur was matted and her gums were gray from parasites…


Oakley is adopted!

Congratulations to Oakley and his darling new family, and many thanks to his foster family Paula and Brian!