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Donate now, give needy animals a chance at having another birthday with a loving family.


Fostering is one of the best ways to help rescue. A dog in foster care provide a space for another dog to be rescue from the


Bring joy and love into your life by adopted a homeless dog. Its the right thing to do.


I have been training dogs in San Diego for 25 years and I've worked with nearly every rescue in San Diego. Southern California German Shepherd Rescue is the only rescue I am currently working with because the volunteers are very well informed and caring, the fosters communicate well and seem to have a great sense of dog savvy. The difference to me is how the rescue is run. This rescue is run like a well-organized business. Southern California German Shepherd Rescue is not only caring but well organized and run with utmost efficiency. This is the only rescue I support and will work with, and hats off to Southern California German Shepherd Rescue. Chris Moredock AMERICAN CANINE TRAINING 1.858.274.0268

Chris Moredock, American Canine Training

( Trainer )

I want to thank Southern California German Shepherd Rescue for the great work they do. There are not many rescues willing to take on the most difficult and needy dogs. These are dogs rescued with the knowledge that they will need hundreds or even thousands of dollars of treatment, but SCGSR take them on anyway with the hope the supporters of the rescue will come to their aid. Please continue to support this rescue, they do an incredible job.

Robert K. Tugend, DVM

( Veterinarian )

This Rescue is truly concerned about the health and well being of the dogs under its care. They make sure the adoptive parents are who they say they are and actually care enough to verify the information through an interview and home check process. In short, I am so impressed with this rescue service because they are truly looking to place dogs in forever homes. They are not merely trying to place dogs. Once they place a dog with you, you do have a point of contact for information and support.

Shelly C.

( Adopter )