Kenny and Nita Rescued!

These two babies found themselves in the local shelter, feeling very sick. They were literally filled with parasites, they were boney and congested and had no other options beside rescue. Even though we don’t know if they will survive, we made the decision to give them a chance. We got them cleaned up and into a foster home. They’re now eating well and holding their own, but still struggling with upper respiratory issues that could mean distemper – there are tests that can be done, but no test that can taken for certain nor predict their outcome – they may get well and thrive and they may not.

Please consider giving us a helping hand in saving them. They are both good little puppies who deserve a well-loved life. It isn’t easy to do this knowing there may not be a happy ending – but we accept the challenge and the possible loss – if you can just help with the vet bills we will continue rescuing the most needy. Thank you.

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