Kenzie Blue Rescued!

Kenzie Blue is a darling, tiny Husky look-a-like. We’re convinced she’s an Alaskan Klee Kai, a very small breed indeed, she’s only 5 lbs in weight, but 100 lbs in personality!  She’s about 7-8 weeks old and found herself in the county shelter with a positive result on a parvo test.  She was not eating and feeling very sick.  SCGSR hospitalized Kenzie with our vet for four days, where everyone fell in love with her and she spent her days sitting in our vet’s lap and hanging out with the techs at lunch hour.  She’s feeling much much better now and in a foster home!  We would love to do a DNA test on Kenzie (and pay for her hospital stay).  If you would be kind enough to help her, she would very much appreciate it!  Donate now.