Phoebe Adopted!

The shelter sent us a request to help little Phoebe. She was found abandoned and alone with no water or food.
She had parasites of every kind, including Sarcoptic Mange – highly contagious to other animals and to people.
She was terrified of everything, looking in her eyes was not easy. You could tell she wanted to feel better though.
She’s been in SCGSR’s arms for 3 days now – and you can see the difference. We’ll continue to work on helping this little girl be sassy, healthy and happy and will place her in a home that will cherish and care for her for the rest of her life.

You can donate to help us save the dogs who have no chance otherwise. We will do the hard work to bring dogs back to health and happiness. Please donate here.

Just look at her now. She’s in love with her new brother Cyrus.