Fostered by Mindy
Adopted August 2021

Twyla is a gorgeous 3 month old German Shepherd. She was gifted to someone who couldn’t meet her needs in the coming years and knew it, and was smart enough to turn to rescue to place this beautiful puppy who will need so much socialization, training, exercise and love over the coming years. Twyla landed on all four paws in a loving, experienced German Shepherd home and will get exactly what she needs to be content, a canine good citizen and a happy girl.

Please if you have an urge to gift an animal, instead give a gift certificate for an adoption donation. That way if the recipient is in a position to devote 15 years of care and provide a stable, safe environment, they can bond with an animal and adopt. Unwanted gifted German Shepherds are usually passed from home to home. These sensitive, connected animals can easily become stressed and unadoptable. Don’t be a part of that.