Adopted 10.3.21!

Fostered by Marcy

Phoebe as a positively amazing puppy! She’s about 4.5 months old. She came to SCGSR about a month ago from the shelter. She had been dumped in Valley Center, with no food or water and suffering from mange. She was terrified yet hopeful, you could see it in her eyes. Sadly the shelter named her Crujiente which is Spanish for crusty, a bit heartbreaking. We immediately stepped up to help her.

We made sure she was on the proper medications and put her on a very healthy diet. She was over the moon to have other dogs in her foster home. She responded to care immediately and each day she looked better and became more confident, and began playing and seeking attention – she butts with her nose when she wants you to pet her! We started Phoebe off as we do all puppies, contained in a pen for sleeping and when alone. It soon became clear that she wouldn’t use a pee pad at all and would only potty outside which is rare for a pup her age. She quickly graduated to sleeping out with her fosters. We won’t lie, since she’s better she is definitely into regular puppy mischief! She steals anything that isn’t nailed down and collects things on her bed but doesn’t chew them up. She loves to run around her yard with her friends and her nose always has dirt on it!

We just love this girl and want her to have a home where she will be equally loved and live out her life with the attention and care all German Shepherds need. If you’re interested in Phoebe, please submit an application. She is available in San Diego only except to prior adopters.