Baby Xander Rescued – a Special Needs Puppy.

unnamedXander was dropped off at a shelter at only three weeks old.  Taken under the wing of two wonderful ladies, Xander was hand-raised and came to SCGSR at about 8 weeks old.  This beautiful puppy is undergoing the very best veterinary care.  Sadly, Xander faces many challenges.  After examination by a veterinary Ophthalmologist, we learned that Xander is completely blind in one eye, and can only see light and dark with the other.  While this in itself would allow Xander to live a wonderful life, unfortunately he also has neurological symptoms which cause him to lose his balance and to walk in circles. Xander has had an initial exam by a veterinary neurologist.  On her advice we are waiting 3 weeks to see if Xander begins to compensate and improve.  At his next appointment, he will likely undergo a $2300-$3200 MRI.  We are hoping beyond hope that his condition is treatable.  Xander is so lucky to have a loving foster home helping him him along and taking him to appointments.  Can he count on you to help him by making a small donation so we can provide him with the care he desperately needs?

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