Baby Arrow was hit by a car and needs your help!

Poor little Arrow found himself in a shelter at 4 months old. Adopted from the shelter, he was returned a month later after being hit by a car and suffering two severe fractures.

Arrow has had surgery and we won’t lie, it was tough for him and his recovery will be slow. He has a massive pin through his shoulder break to stabilize it for three weeks. You can see the pin sticking out the top of his shoulder, to allow for his growth. But he’s happier every day and in a loving foster home, and we’ve promised him good health and a safe life with a lot of love and happiness.

Will you help us help Arrow? His surgery has already cost over $4,000 and he will need the pin removed and splint replacement for 2 months, along with neutering and all the normal puppy care. Please donate now! Please donate now