Adopted 01.19.17!
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Sammy is simply an amazing dog. He is a perfect representative of his true breed. Aloof with strangers, highly intelligent, calm, good with other large dogs and well-trained. It’s very clear that someone loved Sammy before he landed in a shelter. He walks nicely on leash, rides well in the car, knows his commands to sit and down, and he loves to play fetch. He’s about 2 years old. Sammy prefers large dogs and would like a cat-free home. On weekly pack walks, it is clear when Sammy is with an experienced handler and when he’s with a new volunteer. With a confident handler he will obey all commands immediately. Without experience, he develops that instant German Shepherd deafness those of you familiar with the breed know very well. If you have German Shepherd experience (or similar breeds), feel free to contact us for more information.

Dog Rating Level 3-4