Adopted 01.05.18!
Fostered by Mindy!

SCGSR adopts puppies to San Diego County residents only. Puppies bark, dig, chew on furniture and shoes, and demand hours of attention, and as they grow they need a lot of exercise and training. We receive multiple applications for puppies and do our best to choose homes where the individual puppy, considering its temperament, is most likely to succeed. We consider potential adopters’ experience, expectation, and ability to provide a safe and stable forever home, which is between 12 and 15 years. If you would like to be considered for adoption please fill out our online application as completely as possible.

Maggie is a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd cross according to the results of her DNA test.  She has a temperament more like a German Shepherd but definitely has Maliniois traits.

We estimate her birth date to be approximately 7.10.17.  She came to SCGSR with her sister when a smuggler was caught bringing them across the border, at the tender age of about 5 weeks, far too soon to be separated from her mother and litter mates.  SCGSR has taken great care to socialize both puppies.  Maggie’s sister May has been adopted and Maggie is happily ensconced in a foster home with other dogs.  She’s a good girl who has been started on professional training and she’s a fast learner.  She is available for adoption in San Diego County only.  Belgium Malinois are not the typical family pet and it is imperative that adopters understand and accept responsibility for doing the work necessary to make them into good family members and good canine citizens.  Read information on the breed from a trainer.