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Augie loves his pet sitter!

Augie loves his pet sitter!

ADOPTED 03.17.19!

Augie is a super affectionate 9ish year old boy. He was rescued from the shelter when they made a special request to help this popular guy. We don’t know Augie’s story, but we do know that he while he was not given the best care and was neglected, he was given plenty of food, which was just fine with him!

Augie’s not 100 percent confident with new dogs right away, but after getting to know them he does well. He’s even been caught playing with a puppy a few times! Mostly he just loves a few things, tennis balls, a soft bed, and people. He walks quite slowly and sweetly on leash and doesn’t make a fuss.

Augie is really a loving guy, he presses into your leg or lap and just stays there calmly. He will even walk beside you glued to your leg and looking up into your eyes. Unfortunately he has a couple of bald patches from very long term flea infestation, which have healed now but will probably never grow fur. Many of us are a bit hair challenged, and if you can overlook his bald spots, he would love to take care of your heart.

Apply to meet Augie today, he would love to interview you! But please note: breakfast and dinner must be on time or there will be complaints!