Fostered by Brian & Paula!
Sponsored by the Anderson Family!!

Adopted 06.07.16!

Special Update: Lincoln is blossoming!

This incredibly loving boy is good with kiddies and kitties, and other dogs, of course!

You can read more about Lincoln’s story below, but we just have to say: this boy is pretty amazing!  He wants to be the best dog ever; he’s polite and well-behaved inside the home and on the leash, he loves other dogs, and he’s incredibly sweet.  While he can be timid around new people, you can see the happy, loving dog inside overcoming the fear.  He’s crate trained, housebroken, quiet in the house, and walks beautifully on the leash.  Lincoln looks to his pack mates for confidence, so he’ll need another playful, well-adjusted dog in his new home.  With a little bit of positive reinforcement–a basic obedience class would boost his confidence–patience, love, and good groceries, Lincoln is going to make a lucky person very happy.


Lincoln is a handsome teenager, approximately 18 months old, who was picked up by a rescue-angel outside of a county animal shelter, being given away.  Lincoln came to us stressed and very afraid–understandably!  A very nice volunteer family with kids and other pets, and experienced with fearful dogs, brought Lincoln home over a weekend and he ended up staying for a while before going on to his “permanent” foster home, where he settled more easily and quickly.  He’s trying hard to overcome his fear, and SCGSR volunteers are trying hard to make up for his early experiences and help him become a normal and happy boy. This guy hasn’t had kindness and care until now.  While he still can exhibit fear, he has come a very long way; he wants to be happy!  He quickly becomes adjusted and affectionate with a new group of people, especially small children and women.  He does still have a way to go, but we will continue to help him adjust until a sympathetic and loving family gives him his forever home.  Other dogs make Lincoln more comfortable, and he’s good with kids and cats.

Lincoln is a true rescue boy.  Many of the puppies that come through SCGSR never know that the world can be a scary place.  Lincoln does know how hard life can be, and watching him relax, trust, and blossom will be a reward like no other, to his perfect family.  Will you open your heart and your home to him?