Adopted 04.30.19!
Fostered by the McGinnis Family!
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leila-18 (1)Leila is our darling little seven month old heart patient.  Found abandoned in the desert heat, suffering under a bush, Leila was found to have a heart defect.  She came to SCGSR and she underwent testing and surgery to open a vessel in her heart to allow her blood to flow more freely.  Leila has done so much better since her surgery, her ears have stood up tall and she began to grow, although she will most likely always be small.

Leila loves to be outside exploring her yard, and loves to sleep by her fireplace and foster family too.  She’s very socialized with other dogs and loves to play.   Leila is a typical puppy with ongoing training and socialization needs.  Her family needs to be empathetic to the fact that she might not be able to be very active and needs to do things at her pace, but also that she needs to be able to enjoy life.  Leila’s cardiologist says she now has a chance of living a normal lifespan.  She will need rechecks occasionally and her vet care will be a bit more involved, any future surgeries will be riskier than normal.

If you can continue the care and love and chance at life that SCGSR has given Leila, apply today.  SCGSR will make sure you know all about Leila’s condition and will provide ongoing support as we can.

She is a love who will make her forever family very happy!