Fostered by Kyle and Barbara!
Sponsored by Tania T. in memory of Mako.

Adopted 06.12.16!
Hi, I’m Kiko. I’m a one-ish year old girl who had a rough ride. First I found myself in a very scary shelter out in the desert. Then I came to SCGSR in San Diego and went right into a cool foster home with other dogs and a little girl. Well my foster dad mowed the lawn and must have disturbed a baby rattle snake. Let’s just say that the snake won the battle but lost the war! I had to spend some time in the hospital and my face was kinda gigantic but I recovered and lived to tell. SCGSR says they’ve never had a rattlesnake bite before so I’m special! And the antivenin is $850 per dose and dogs can need up to three doses, did you know that? Yes its true so next time I plan to stay away from things that rattle!

I’m a sweetheart, shy at first because nobody has ever cared about me before. I’m getting used to being loved though and I’m excited to find my forever home. Will that be you?