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I'm nutty for tennis balls!

I’m nutty for tennis balls!

Dax is a super fun boy. This extraordinary pup charms everyone with his sweet personality and his soft ears. Just what makes Dax so special? For starters, he’s obsessed with tennis balls! When he plays ball, he can leap several feet into the air, catch the ball during a backflip, land on his feet, then returns the ball at your feet, backs up three feet, and waits for his next challenge.  All the volunteers adore him.  Dax is a young, energetic guy (aprroximately 2.5 years old) and is a quick learner. He heels under an experienced hand. Dax is looking for an active family who will wear him out and provide him with the training and love he craves and deserves.

Dax is good with other dogs while out and about. In his home he quickly rises to be top dog and can be a bit of a challenge, he does better with large submissive dogs. He’s great with respectful, dog savvy children over 10 years old.  Dax has been cat tested is too active and curious to live with cats.

Dog Rating Level 3