Kiana – Rest in Peace Darling Girl

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We are sorry to report that Kiana passed away during her sleep on April 21, 2021. She had been hospitalized for a few days when she suffered an intusseception. She had emergency surgery, but was not strong enough to survive. We are all heartbroken for her and for the family who would have adopted this special baby.

Oh my gosh, what a darling puppy. This poor little girl is struggling to catch up after being severely neglected as a baby. She is quiet, she sleeps through the night, she sticks like glue to your side on walks. She’s the only young puppy we’ve had that gets excited to go for a ride in the car! Unlike a lot of German Shepherds, she loves to be hugged, and likes to sleep right on top of you. She’s close to five months and while she’s growing so fast she’s still the size of a 3 month old puppy. She’s getting lots of extra food and a lot of expensive vet care to make sure she’s on the right track. We’re completely confident Kiana will catch up and she’s going to be gorgeous. She may be on the small size as an adult. When you meet her, nothing will stop you from wanting her as your own. She is not available yet, but we hope she will be ready for adoption soon.

SCGSR takes extra care when placing puppies to make sure they will live a happy and well cared-for life in a home that will consider them family. Puppies are adopted to the San Diego area only.