Fostered by Stephanie & Myles!
Sponsored by Child Support Lawyer, Marina Del Rey, CA.
Adopted 06.12.16!

Duchess is a fetching, petite German Shepherd with striking light brown eyes.  How in the world was she deserted in a cement run in Mexico?  Not a very noble turn of events in her young life.  Although her etiquette training was delayed, her harsh experience did not diminish her charm, gentle nature or love of humans and canines. Now safely ensconced in a loving foster home, Duchess loves to play with toys and the commoners who house her.  She follows them around and loves them as if they were royals.  She even greets them with royal fanfare when the return home, whether the absence was five minutes or five hours.  Her noble bearing is evident on the walks and runs she so enjoys, where she quickly learned to heal.  She often gazes up at her human to offer encouragement.  Despite her svelte figure, Duchess is food motivated to learn commands and has mastered sit, wait, come, get your ball and lie down. She is looking for an active family that can keep up with her boundless energy and who will aid her in the completion of her etiquette training.  Are you the King or Queen that Duchess is looking to adore?