Adopted 01.01.16!
Sponsored in loving memory of David Motz.

Danny Boy is one of Peri’s puppies. The whole family came to SCGSR from the shelter when the pups were one week old. They are adorable, happy German Shepherd mix puppies. Danny is approximately a year old, and is on the smaller side of the litter; he clocks in at about 40 pounds.  This super sweet boy knows how to keep himself busy! He’s the self-appointed dentist to the big dogs in his foster home: he’s always inspecting their teeth. The big dogs grumble while Danny diligently keeps kissing them! He’s crated trained, potty trained, walks (pretty) well on a leash, rides quietly in the car and he doesn’t bark very much. Danny and all his siblings are sensitive souls and he does get spooked on occasion but calms down quickly. We love Danny, and we know you will too!

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