Adopter, Annette H.

I adopted a German Shepherd in November of 2012.  I went to the adoption event looking for one dog in particular and fell in love with my girl that I have now.  I was told to fill out the application and they would let me know.  I received an email a couple of days later about doing a phone interview.  I then recevied a call a couple of days later from the resuce and they did a phone interview with me.  A week later I had my girl.

My experience with the whole process was great.  I had a little problem with my resident dog getting along with the new dog and Marcy and a couple of others from the rescue helped me out so much with their encouragement and knowledge of the situation.

I feel that they are looking for a forever home for the dogs and do not want to see the dogs end up in a shelter again. They are looking out for the best interest of the dog.  The dog is or already has had a very tramatic time from being in the shelter to waiting for a forever home. This rescue is awesome and when the time comes for me to adopt another dog I will definately be going thru this rescue because I know I am getting a great dog and they care and take great pride in what they do.