Saving Yogi

Yogi's ride to freedom!

Yogi’s ride to freedom!

Update 03.19.15:  Yogi’s surgery has been done and he’s about ready for his first cast change. Yogi continues to charm the sox off of everyone he meets, and may be adopted even before he’s completely healed! We are still fundraising to cover his costs and if you met him, you would gladly give him $5 to put toward his vet bill! Please donate  to help Yogi run and play again.

Update 02.26.15:  Yogi’s foot has been evaluated and the vets have determined that he needs a bone graft and plating at a cost of approximately $5000!  It is a complicated surgery and must be done by a specialist.  Please keep good thoughts for Yogi, and donate  to help Yogi run and play again.


Yesterday, February 24, 2015, the shelter contacted SCGSR to help what they described as a three year old “lovebug” with a broken foot. They couldn’t get a good photo, because all he wanted was a little comfort and love.  His owner refused to pay for surgery and left him in pain for a month. Yogi then went “stray” and when contacted by the shelter, his former owner declined to pick him up. SCGSR is transporting Yogi from the shelter this morning to our vet. We will evaluate the foot and provide any necessary treatment. And then, we’re going to get Yogi a home that will adore him for the rest of his life! Please help us save Yogi by donating in any amount now. Help us say yes to saving lives!