The Amazing Cane

We wanted to thank for the wonderful years we had with our best friend Cane, he suddenly passed Tuesday night, although we are still in shock we look back at all the lives he touch. Cane volunteered as a therapy canine at our local Hospital and Hospice and succeeded in Schutzhund training getting his BH, SchH 1-2, but most of all OUR best friend.

He will be greatly missed by his loyal GS friend Lilly and three cats, (he had a crush on the Siamese).

Cane’s Story.

Cane was purchased as a puppy by a military family in Italy. Found alone at a car park in La Jolla, shelter volunteers were convinced that because Cane had an Italian microchip, he must be loved and wanted. They moved heaven and earth to find the owner, getting his story in local papers and online. It was all over the news. But when they found Cane’s owner, he had gotten married and his wife was pregnant and they didn’t want Cane, so they relinquished him to the shelter. Read the news article here.

As an approved rescue partner, SCGSR stepped up to the plate for Cane, and we shortly found a fantastic family who certified Cane as a therapy dog, and he comforted hospital patients. He had kids and a family and a GS girlfriend, along with kitty friends.

Yesterday Cane went into seizures that couldn’t be stopped, His family got the diagnosis of a brain tumor and had to let him go. His family misses him greatly, as do we.