We had to say goodbye to Ranger on 11/21/2015. Ranger was definitely dealt a rough hand in the physical department. He survived two successful hip surgeries and the bloat. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder a year ago. The disease took a heavy toll on him. His daily walks became shorter and shorter. He wore booties to protect his feet, he fell a lot but never failed to get back up. He knew his health was declining but through it all he never stopped exhibiting all the qualities we love so much in German Shepherds. I’m very proud of the great dog and family member Ranger was despite it all. I  will miss the “welcome home”, his beautiful and soft eyes, the expression on his face and most of all, our morning petting sessions.

He spent his last day chewing on a huge bone. The vet even gave him three Ms Fields cookies 🙂  He passed away peacefully.

We’ve known for a while that this time would come, it didn’t make any easier to say goodbye.

We’d  like to thank Marcy and other wonderful SCGSR Alums for your shared knowledge and support these past four years.