The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long … is the best way I can think of to describe Ben.

We first met Ben at his foster home when he was approximately six months old.  It was love at first sight.  Lisa and I were concerned about how our current dog at the time, Warro, would take to Ben.  So it was with apprehension that we waited for Marcy to show up with him.  Warro was fine.  Ben on the other hand was a complete nutter.  I was seriously reconsidering until he kissed me.  Ahhh, that kiss … Needless to say we kept Ben and loved him ever since.  It took him six months to figure out he was not running the house.  For those six months, I’d come home to hear Lisa say “it’s a good thing he’s cute”.

He was definitely cute – actually he was gorgeous.  He also had the biggest heart. He LOVED people, loved his “siblings,” loved the squeaky toys a good friend of ours would bring at Xmas, LOVED carrots, loved life.  He could understand just about every word in the dictionary, except for “come.”  For some reason, he never quite figured this one out.  He got away with murder.  I knew it but didn’t really care, I loved him more than just about anything else.  Lisa knew I had a huge soft spot for him. She would often look at us boys with that motherly smile…

We miss him dearly but we’re very thankful for the eight short years he gave us.