Help Jesse Fight for his life!

[one_third last=”no”][/one_third][two_third last=”no”]Jesse is in desperate need of your support.

Only five or six months old, he came to SCGSR from a shelter where they couldn’t treat his horrific injury.  He most likely was hit by a car and dragged, ripping the skin completely from his inner thigh.  Jesse is being evaluated today, and the most important thing is for our vets to try to reattach his skin, hoping for no infection and that the wound is still new enough and the skin healthy enough.  Speedy vet care is of utmost importance for Jesse.   This will be a long and costly process involving many surgeries and possibly skin grafting.  Without care, Jesse can easily lose his leg, and possibly his life to infection.  We don’t know what the outcome may be, but we have to give this beautiful puppy a chance.  Can we count on you to be on Jesse’s team?

Jessie has had his first surgery and will need at least one more.  Five days post surgery, he is doing much better, but requiring a longer hospitalization that we originally hope for.  Please join Jesse’s Team and donate now.

This will not be for everyone, but if you are interested in watching the surgery to close Jesse’s wound, you can find the video here. [/two_third]