Adopted 02.20.16!
Fostered by Marcy!
Sponsored by Redfin!
Sponsored by IndyTam!

Zeke is an adorable, soft, loving 4.5 month old German Shepherd puppy. He is very playful with other dogs, he has the typical German Shepherd puppy mentality and will likely be a bit much for sedate dogs or cats, he wouldn’t be able to understand why they don’t like being bowled over! Zeke is active and will likely be easily trained, but he will shine in a house where his natural boisterous tendencies are indulged and appreciated. Zeke is crate trained and potty trained and rides well in a car. He sits when asked and loves to be in your lap.

Please read before submitting an application. We will contact you within 72 hours if we are processing your application:
SCGSR adopts puppies to San Diego County residents only. Puppies bark, dig, chew on furniture and shoes, and demand hours of attention, and as they grow they need a lot of exercise and training. We receive multiple applications for puppies and do our best to choose homes where the individual puppy, considering its temperament, is most likely to succeed. We consider potential adopter’s experience, expectation, and ability to provide a safe and stable forever home. If you would like to be considered for adoption please fill out our online application as completely as possible.