Adopted 12.20.17!
Fostered by Marcy!

Rocky is a positively adorable 8ish month old red sable German Shepherd puppy.  He’s energetic and yet calm, he adores other dogs and people and he’s submissive and playful.  He came to SCGSR from the shelter with an advanced case of puppy mange (not catchy) which is easily treated and it’s shameful he was allowed to suffer.  He’s currently regaining his lovely looks and will be quite the gorgeous guy soon.

Rocky did not have any training.  He is learning but will need ongoing consistency and a family with German Shepherd experience who would like to continue training.  He will also need a playful doggie companion to burn off some energy.  We believe he will be fine with dog savvy kids, but like a lot of German Shepherds he does herd his people and if you are spooked by a bit of gentle nipping at your heels he’s not for you.  He does love people though, big and small but he is … well he’s a spaz to be truthful.  A darling, well-intentioned boy who’s a bit out of control of his voice and his body.  Children 10 and up would be best.  Lots of love, patience, and training will be rewarded with a wonderful dog with our boy Rocky!