Adopted 02.24.16!
Fostered by Cela!
Sponsored by Diane K!
Hi, my name is Peri. I don’t remember much about my former life because there isn’t much to remember. Only that I was afraid of bad things happening and I never felt safe. I guess the people I lived with got tired of me, I know they never liked me much and they weren’t happy that I was pregnant. I was left on the street where someone took me and put me in a cage. I was alone and vulnerable and terrified. I wanted someone to talk to me even if I didn’t understand them, and to touch me. I was too shy and fearful to let anyone close so I kept my distance and barked to keep them back. I would never bite anyone and fortunately people seemed to know that. Now I have a foster mom who takes me out to classes and on walks to help me get used to the world. I let her pet me and I like being close to her. Other people still scare me and it takes me a while to accept them. If they seem nice sometimes I’ll be brave enough to come up to them for pets and scratches. I love that. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have a real forever home. It will certainly take someone who is very patient. I really want to be a good dog and to please my person. I hope someone can overlook my fears and love me and help me trust them. Will you be my person?

Peri is a sweet, sensitive little German Shepherd mix. She is about 3 years old, around 60 lb. She gets along with other dogs, remains shy with strangers but is loving and affectionate and just wants to be part of a family. She is house trained, walks well on a leash and knows her basic commands. She loves her morning and evening walks but is shy of strangers and strange dogs until she gets to know them. She is currently in a foster home with a calm dog, and does well at home while her foster mom is at work.

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