Adopted 04.30.19!
Fostered by Marcy!
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Hi, I’m Holly, and I was born approximately 11.15.17 and I’m about one year old. I was very, very sick when the shelter called on SCGSR to help me. I was found deserted in a Home Depot parking lot at about 5 or 6 weeks old and taken to the scary shelter. SCGSR took me right to the vet and treated me for all the usual buggies and I felt like my old self in just a few days.

But you would never know about my prior life; my foster mom says I’m an “old soul.” I’m very smart and I fit into my pack like a big dog. I adore other dogs, I am rough and tumble and sound kinda bossy but I’m not really. If you don’t want your dog on the sofa you can forget about me, because I love to snuggle with my peeps. I love chew toys and only occasionally have to be guided back to my own toys. Also my foster mom says that I’m the perfect combination of loving and independent! I come when I’m called but that’s because I’m out exploring in the yard and playing with my foster siblings! I will do best and be happiest in a home with other friendly dogs.

SCGSR adopts puppies to San Diego County homes only, and you must be able to provide for all my needs for my lifetime, including all vet care, training and socialization. Puppies are a huge commitment and you need to be able to get through times when you are busy, if you have changes in your life like school, being deployed, getting married, having babies and moving. Getting married, moving and deployment are the number one reasons that dogs lose their homes. If you can’t commit for 10-12 years, please wait until you can!