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Cayla and Hannah.

Cayla and Hannah.

Hannah is a 2 year old girl. She is black and tan with a longer, rich-colored coat.  She is a very sweet girl, super attached and affectionate, crate trained and housebroken.   Hannah feels that there is no way she can get close enough to you, she presses herself in for hugs.  

She’s playful and would benefit from a young playful doggie friend who can provide guidance, however she is very dog reactive and needs an experienced hand and very slow (days long up to a week, depending on the other dog) introductions. Even after successful introductions she can be possessive of her people around other dogs. She is not a dog park/coffee shop kinda girl. 

She walks well on leash, but can be reactive in certain situations and needs a family with German Shepherd experience and the willingness to provide continue training.  Young children would likely over stimulate her and she would do  best in a home with no cats or small animals, she is on a critter hunt 24/7 — even in her dreams! Experience with German Shepherds is a must, as is a home environment suitable for large, active breeds.