Adopted 01.28.19!
Fostered by Debbie & Tim!
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Floppy-eared and fun-loving’ youngster is ready for his new forever family!

Frisco is a 2 year old happy-go-lucky and delightfully sweet boy. He greets new dogs, kids, and adults calmly and politely with proper guidance. He will do best in a home with another calm dog and and with older children (teens and up).

Frisco knows his basic commands and manners (sit, wait at door, down, loose-leash walking), is crate trained, potty trained, and enjoys car rides. However, he is still young and will need a family experienced in the ways of puppies. Also, he and his siblings were separated from their mommy at a very young age, so he did not get all the needed adult-dog guidance early on. An experienced family who can provide firm, consistent, and patient guidance and ongoing training will enable this fella to blossom into an awesome family companion.

He enjoys wrestling and tussling with his 1.5 year old foster sister and giving lots o’ puppy kisses to Uncle Herman, an eight year old GSD who just shakes his head at all the youthful silliness.

Frisco is not cat or small animal friendly, he has typical prey drive of a German Shepherd and can be over stimulated by smaller pets (although small dogs might be fine with proper introductions).

Dog Rating Level 4

SCGSR adopts puppies to San Diego County residents only. Puppies bark, dig, chew on furniture and shoes, and demand hours of attention, and as they grow they need a lot of exercise and training. They are a 12-15 year commitment.  We receive multiple applications for puppies and do our best to choose homes where the individual puppy, considering its temperament, is most likely to succeed. We consider potential adopters’ experience, expectation, and ability to provide a safe and stable forever home. If you would like to be considered for adoption please fill out our online application as completely as possible.