Fostered by Marcy!
Sponsored by Melodee!

zeus-portraitZeus is a lovable teenage goofball! He’s usually very good with people out in public, rides nicely in the car, he’s housebroken, crate trained and good on a leash. And he’s tall. Did we say tall? He’s the tallest! Counter height (although he’s learned that’s not HIS dinner).  Zeus is super active and never walks anywhere. He likes to run circles around you whether you’re cooking, feeding him, walking to the garage – Zeus goes five times further than you do! He’s not nervous or anxious – just really busy!

He’s good with other dogs but he’s a very “forward” player, meaning that he might not be a flavor that a more reserved or older dog would enjoy. He does have the sense to keep away from the more mature gents in his foster pack. Mostly. With younger dogs he can play very rough, the dogs he’s fostered with don’t seem to mind though. He’s a neck biting fool. Its unlikely any cat would welcome Zeus into the family!

We prefer to place Zeus in a home experienced with German Shepherds or other protective breeds. Zeus has a definite preference for women and is not recommended for a home with children because he can be overstimulated by loud play and running. He can be aggressive toward men.  He is suspicious of strangers in his house – while good in public, he has not bitten but has tested boundaries with guests in his foster home and will need an experienced owner and a leader who can enjoy him while keeping him out of trouble.

All in all Zeus is a funny young clown who will make the perfect pet for the right home.

March 18 Photos

After a few weeks with gsrsd:

Zeus when he first arrived.

Zeus is a large youngster recovering from a skin infection.  He’s very sweet but obviously hasn’t been treated with love or given the vet care he needs.  SCGSR is going to change all that and give Zeus a happy, healthy and well-loved life.  Stay tuned for more information and photos!